Virtual Marketing Manager

Many Business Owners are simply too busy to focus on their Marketing campaigns, and as a result they miss out on potential new Clients. We can help you solve this problem without having to hire a Full Time Marketing Manager. We will assign a Virtual Marketing Manager to you who will oversee all Marketing & Advertising campaigns. You will also receive FREE Graphic Design services for any visuals that may be needed for your campaigns.


How it works:


1. We will do an Analysis of your current Marketing campaigns, and help you create a Strategic Marketing Plan that will best fit your business needs and bring you the greatest Return on your Marketing budget.


2. Your business will be assigned a Virtual Marketing Manager who will coordinate all Marketing and Advertising activities for your business, including those provided by our team as well as other vendors. Here are a few examples of what your Marketing Manager can oversee:


- Social Media

- Website 

- Search Engine Optimization

- Retargeting Campaigns

- Promotional Materials

- Direct Mail Campaigns

- Online Ads

- Radio Ads

- TV Ads

- Local Publications

- Billboards

- All other Marketing & Advertising campaigns

3. We will closely monitor the progress of each implemented campaign and create monthly Performance Tracking Reports so that you can see how your Marketing and Advertising strategies are working. We will also alert you if certain campaigns are not generating results, so that you are not spending your Marketing budget on ineffective strategies.

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