Self-paced Course that covers the most important aspects of Business Marketing:


Master Your Personal & Business Branding

  • What is Branding?
  • Establish and grow your personal brand
  • Establish and grow your business brand


Achieve a Higher Return on Your Marketing Budget

  • Identify your top Client(s)
  • Identify your Top Service(s)
  • Identify your Top Marketing Strategy/ies


Grow Your Online Presence 

  • Perfect your online presence
  • Optimize your website's Search Engine Optimization
  • Rank higher on Google
  • Obtain more Client Reviews
  • Submit your Business to local Directories


Get Real Results from Social Media

  • Identify the best Platforms for your Business
  • Grow your Social Media presence and audience
  • Implement Paid Ad Campaigns


Leverage the Power of Email and Text Marketing 

  • Why building an Email list should be one of your top priorities
  • Why you need to start Text Marketing NOW
  • How to create successful Email titles and content
  • Best ways to grow your Email and Text lists


Network Your Way to Success

  • Why Networking is crucial to any Business Owner
  • Do's and Dont's of Professional Networking
  • The magic is in the follow up
  • Utilize online Networking strategies


Implement New Lead Generation Strategies

  • Identify the most profitable leads to target
  • Create a lead generation strategy
  • Start creating lead database
  • Create lead generation script


Perfect Your Sales Skills and Land More Clients

  • Become comfortable with selling
  • Identify your Client's key pain points
  • Close the Sale


Use Data Analytics to track Progress and Performance

  • Identify key metrics to track
  • Create a tracking system
  • Analyze data insights
  • Forecast future performance


Course will be released on 06/01/2020.

Accelerated Marketing Fundamentals - Self-Paced Course


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