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Our Services

- Events -

Perfect Marketing Storm Packages

Are you ready to launch an accelerated Business Marketing Campaign but aren't sure where to start?


We have created some great all-inclusive Multi-Channel Marketing Packages for all budgets that will get you in front of your target Clients in a major way.

We will help you implement and manage this new Marketing Plan from start to finish. Don't wait any longer - your new Clients can't wait to meet you!


2hr Consultation + Report

Marketing Plan Development

After learning as much as possible about your business, your goals, and your long-term vision, we work with you to develop a customized Marketing Plan for your business with recommendations for the marketing strategies and mediums that would reach your target Clients as cost-efficiently as possible. We also help you come up with the best way to present your Business in your Marketing.


After helping you develop your Marketing Plan, we connect you with the companies that will best help you achieve your goals and you benefit from our negotiated discounted rates with these companies (reduced by 15-30%).


2hr Consultation + Report

Virtual Marketing Manager Services

After helping you develop your Marketing Plan, we can assign a Marketing Manager to your business who will take care of all communication between you, our company, and the various partner companies that fulfill the services needed to carry out your Marketing Plan.


This includes graphic design and copywriting services at no additional cost, so we take care of all marketing material design and the best way to present your message to your target audience.


We also include a complimentary Unlimited Vendor Membership so that you have access to Vendor Booths at all of our Events.

$1,000 - $2,500/mo

Rates vary based on scope of work required

Free Business Networking Events

Professional Networking is one of the most underestimated Marketing strategies that can help you grow your personal and Business brand quickly and cost-effectively. Successful Business Owners worldwide attribute their success to knowing the right people and forming great connections. 

We host free Business Networking Events for Business Owners and Professionals, to help them (and us!) make new connections and gain increased local business exposure.

$0 - $35

Event Vendor Marketing

Our Business Networking Events are a great platform for Businesses to get in front of their target audience and showcase their services/products at a fraction of the cost of traditional advertising options.

Vendor Marketing is rapidly growing in popularity as more and more Businesses are seeing the value in using this personal approach to Marketing to grow their local business exposure and attract new Clients. Read our Testimonials from past Vendors about how it helped their Business.

$65 - $250

Private Event Planning & Marketing

Are you thinking of throwing your own private Event to get more local Business exposure? Event Marketing is a great strategy for any Business that desires to become more visible in the community and attract new Clients.

We can help you organize, market, and host your Event. We have hosted Grand Openings, Community Fairs, Vendor Expos, Educational Seminars, Investor Summits, and more. Fill out our Event Details Form and we will send you a custom Event Proposal.

$1,500 + (includes all Marketing Costs)

- Consulting -

- Add-Ons -

Video Production & Marketing

Video Marketing is the way of the present and future in Business Marketing! Leverage our great rates and video quality to add instant credibility to your brand and propel your Marketing efforts.

Some of our Services include:

  • Video Testimonials

  • Informational Videos

  • Commercials

  • Show Development

  • Business Interviews

  • Virtual Tours

  • And More!

$150 - $1,000

Creation & Design of Marketing Material

A first impression is crucial in Marketing your Business. We can help you develop Marketing Materials that will best represent your brand, your service/product offerings, and the message that you wish to convey to your target audience. We can help with:

  • Logo Design

  • Business Card Design

  • Sales Letter Copy

  • Visual Presentation of Sales Letter (PowerPoint or PDF)

  • Flyer/Brochure Creation

  • Promotional Item Design

  • And More!

$100 - $250

B2B Lead Generation & Appointment Setting

Lead Generation is a key part of growing your business, and yet so many Business Owners simply don't have the time to do it themselves. Our team can help locate and reach out to your target clients via their websites, with the goal of setting a meeting. Creation of online Sales Letter included.

Option 1: All lead responses will come directly to your Email address.

Option 2: An Account Manager will be assigned to you who will sort through all incoming responses and set up meetings for you.

$350 - $1,750