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We are a Marketing and Event Planning Company helping Business Owners grow their local Business exposure, attract new Clients, and increase revenue by using a combination of Online and Live Marketing strategies.

About Leading Marketing Solutions:

About the Founder & CEO:

Sonda Eunus is passionate about helping Business Owners achieve their business goals, and build the business that they have always envisioned. Her background is in Healthcare, as she is an experienced Practice Manager with a Masters in Healthcare Management - but she has now expanded her services to Clients in other industries as well.

Sonda has published many articles in various industry publications, including the Orlando & North FL Medical News, the PAHCOM Journal, Florida Medical Business News, and others.

She is now also hosting a new online Talk Show called Business Secrets Revealed, in which she interviews successful Business Owners and Executives to learn the secrets of growing a successful and profitable Business. 

Sonda Eunus, MHA, CMPE

Phone: (352) 505-7765

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